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What is the difference between suction free and suction placed on the patient's lips?

First of all, the approach itself is completely different in that it basically pursues the value of much respect for the patients being treated.

In the case of the existing method of hanging over the patient's mouth, it is a method that has been taken for the convenience of treatment in an unavoidable situation in case of independent treatment without assistance.
It was a method that caused discomfort to both patients and practitioners.
Now we need to get rid of this practice.

Stable and comfortable suction using suction-free can help prevent musculoskeletal disorders by making the patient's posture comfortable.
It also opens up new value creation that makes patients feel much more respected.

‘Patients will feel more respected in suction-free dentistry’

Wouldn't it be inconvenient to install a suction-free installation because it takes up the space of the existing staff?

Not at all.
Suction-free is located above the chest of the patient lying on the chair during treatment, so it is designed to be slim so as not to infringe on the space of the staff.
When using suction-free and sometimes bleeding (extraction, implant surgery, etc.) requires the assistance of the staff, the staff only needs to help briefly with HVE (metal suction).

If you look at the 46th video (video lecture on how to use) and 4th video (used for microscope treatment) among the dental lab YouTube videos,
You can see the staff assisting you comfortably while sitting or standing with Suction Free.

Is it possible to connect and use with HVE (High Volume Suction)?

Yes. It is possible.

Suction-free is basically designed to connect with the Saliva Ejector and take charge of the suction.
It is designed to receive temporary assistance from the staff using HVE (metal suction) only in medical situations accompanied by bleeding such as tooth extraction and surgery.
However, in hospitals where HVE is usually used, HVE (high volume suction) can be connected and used.
HVEs of most unit chairs are also compatible, and it is recommended that you practice using it in connection with the Saliva Ejector, a small suction that is easy to use at first.

How is the suction-free device used? How long is the adaptation period?

Suction Free is a device designed to allow dentists to perform independent treatment without assistance from suction work.
Therefore, it is recommended that the dentist use it mainly for the first month after purchase.

Generally, it takes about two weeks to get used to it, and it takes about a month to become proficient and fully understand the advantages of the equipment.
After that, if you teach the assistant staff little by little and try to use them, you can use them all well.

This is because, if you let the staff use it first without the guidance of the dentist from the beginning, the staff may have difficulty using it.

How do I apply for a joint purchase?

We will inform you about the suction-free joint purchase application.

If there are fellow dentists around you who want to purchase suction-free, you can order together and benefit from the group purchase price.

We would like to inform you that a joint purchase application is possible in the following two cases.

① In case of group order of 50 units of suction free
② In case of group order of 100 units of suction free
(For detailed information on the group purchase price in each case, please call 02-487-7522 or 010-2360-0759)

How do I request an order for a product?

To order products, call 02-487-7522 or

Please refer to the product order method in the homepage > Notice and apply by email

I am curious about how to use suction-free and practical use cases.

Detailed usage instructions are uploaded to the website data room.

Also, for a detailed explanation of the actual usage and how to use it, we recommend the DentaLuv YouTube channel.
If you search for 'Dentaluv' on YouTube,
Official YouTube Channel (

You will find various easy-to-follow videos.